For this case, you will test and analyze evidence, complete the autopsy report, and piece together the clues to help you resolve the mystery of how Marcel Newgard died. You will establish the chain of events that occurred and determine the cause, mechanism, and manner of death, and who, if anyone, may be responsible.

As this is a high-profile case, you know you may need to present your conclusions to attorneys, the media, law enforcement, and potentially, a jury. Therefore, your end product will be an evidence board. This is a visual representation of the case timeline, a summary of what the evidence reveals, connections between individuals, and your final conclusions. It is composed of images, graphs, and other visuals to help tell the story of what happened to Marcel Newgard. Your evidence board may be paper based or digital, but it must present the case and the findings in an organized way.

1.3.1 crack the case project /AN