Essay Assignment
The essay is based on the Howarth text, 1066: The Year of Conquest. The essay should be 4-5 pages in length, double spaced and typed. The essay must be submitted to the Essay Assignment tab in the Canvas Module 8. Your essay will not be accepted if it contains more than five (5) spelling errors. Your thesis is completely up to you but if you are stuck and need help developing a thesis you can go to The Writing Center. If you want to know what your essay should “look like” (structure, citations etc) you should follow a basic academic essay structure (introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion parenthetical references to the text, e.g., (Howarth, 47), (Vikings, 12 mins), (Frankforter, 45), etc. You should include citations from both Howarth and Frankforter in support of your analysis. You should also include citations from films, The Western Tradition and The Vikings. Please also include in-text citations from these sources.
Source Material:
Howarth, 1066: The Year of Conquest

Frankforter, The West: A Narrative History

The Vikings: Who Were They?
The Vikings

The Normans
The Normans

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1066: The Year of Conquest