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For examples , please read lecture 2 page 29-35 and examples of journal 1 and 2

Reflection 1
In week 1, you completed the Personal Creativity Assessment at the end of the introduction to Zig Zag. In week 2’s seminar, you did an activity that helped you look at your TIPS (talents, interests, passions, and skills). Both activities should help you dig deeper into your own Entrepreneurial Mindset. Using these activities, along with the other reading and lecture material on what it means to have an Entrepreneurial Mindset (cite these where relevant), reflect on your characteristics that may enhance or detract from an EM. In 400 words, discuss:
1. Thinking about your results from the Personal Creativity Assessment, are they what you expected? What areas did you identify that can be improved? How will you improve them?( You will need to read Zig zag [electronic resource] : the surprising path to greater creativity / Keith Sawyer.)
2. Which of your TIPS (2-3) do you think strengthen your ability to be entrepreneurial? Why? ( Please read reflection1)
3. What other characteristics (e.g., habits, personality) of yours enhance your entrepreneurial mindset? Which ones do you plan to work on and how will you do that?

Reflection 2
Design through empathy (Week 5)
Complete in Week 5 (max 400 words)
In Week 4’s seminar, you drew a timeline with key events in your life. You briefly described them and listed emotions that you felt at that time. You then created statements about what groups of people you could empathise with based on those events in your life. Based on those statements, you came up with several business ideas. For this reflection please respond to the following questions, also incorporating what you learned about people-centred approaches (cite these where relevant)( Read Reflection2.2). Please attach an image of your timeline to this journal entry.
1. What events on your timeline evoked the strongest emotions? Why do you think that is? (Reflection2)
2. How did you feel doing that exercise? Do you think it helped you come up with new business ideas? Why or why not?
3. In thinking about one of these ideas, try to picture the customer. Describe who they are, what they value, what their needs are. Walk through their imaginary day. This is similar to creating a customer “persona”( Now describe one or two new insights you have had about your business idea from doing this.

Reflection 3
My resources for entrepreneurship (Week 8)
My resources for entrepreneurship( Read reflection3 and 3.2)
Complete in Week 8 (max 400 words)
In week 7, you learned about gathering resources for your new venture ideas, including the concept of bootstrapping, or starting a business with very limited resources – often what you already have at hand or can find for free. Using one of the business ideas you have come up with this term (e.g., through the TIPS exercise, idea generation exercises, or even the business idea you have been working on with your team), we would like you to reflect on your current position for bootstrapping that business idea. This is your personal position (so if it is your team project idea, only think about your own resources, not the team). Make a list of your current resources using what you learned in Week 7 (this list will not count towards the 400 words), and then answer the following reflection questions.
1. What is the business idea you are describing resources for?
2. What are the major resources that you are missing? How could you fulfill them?
3. If you picture yourself in five years, what position are you in for starting a business (not necessarily the one described in points 1 and 2)? How would you get there?


Skills I’ve learned in this module (Week 10)
Complete in Week 10 (max 400 words)
Now that you have completed the 10 weeks of this module, we would like you to reflect on the module as a whole. After reflecting on what you have learned, please choose 5 things you found most useful (e.g., a particular concept, framework, tool, example, etc.) that you will take away from this module to enhance your Entrepreneurial Mindset. Please write approximately 100 words on each one and address the following points.
1. What is the thing you found useful (e.g., concept, framework, etc.)?
2. Why did you find it useful?
3. How have you applied this already in your life, or how do you plan to apply it in the future?

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