You will be required to complete one short writing assignment where you apply social psychological principles to your own life. The goal of this assignment is for you to understand how principles of social psychology can explain how your own behavior operations and functions.

-You will be graded based on how you relate your experiences back to concepts from lecture and the textbook. –Make sure you are defining each psychological concept you introduce, and provide an APA in-text citation to clarify where you obtained this definition
-Your paper should include at least 3 APA citations and should be no longer than 5 pages.

General Requirements for Written Assignments:
• Follow APA format:
• Typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, black ink
• Staple pages together
• Include an APA style cover page with your name
• Include an APA style Reference section.
• Grammatical errors will result in a lower grade
• Plagiarism (material copied directly from a source, without quotation marks and citation) will result in no grade (0) for the assignment
• On this and all assignments, you are required to use your own words (paraphrase a source, do not use using direct quotes)

A Day of Prosocial Behavior,
This assignment will require you to choose a day and try your best to live each minute of that day as prosocial as possible.
-Specifically, for a full 24-hour period your goal should be is to help other people in need, be considerate and respectful of others, reduce the suffering of others, and avoid causing harm to any living entity.
-When carrying out this assignment, leave no behavior unexamined – whether you are eating lunch with others, driving on a busy freeway, or ‘Netflix and chilling’ try to think of how you can help another person in the situation. Additionally, avoid limiting yourself to simply tasks (e.g., holding the door open, petting a lonely dog), and try to approach novel situations where your simple act of helping can have a real, positive impact one someone’s day. It is up to you to define what this prosocial behavior is and to decide how best approach it.
If you are already a very prosocial person, try being helpful toward groups you do not often focus on. As well, if your prosocial actions to do not differ from what is being requested (e.g., jobs), instead carefully observe and analyze what emotions and cognitions you have during the experience. If outside events make it difficult for you to participate on the day you chose, feel free to spread out the exercise over a few days, but do your best to meet a 24 hour period.
1) How did you define prosocial behavior, and who were the recipients of your efforts? Clarify all instances of prosocial behavior that you engaged in, and the recipients of these behaviors.
2) What social psychological factors (describe at least TWO) were present when you decided to help another person (e.g., reciprocity norm, empathy, guilt)?
3) How did others respond to your prosocial behavior? What attributions do you think the receipts of helping made for your behavior, and why? Indicate whether you think internal or external attributions were used to explain your behavior, and clarify why you think so.
4) If you wanted to encourage society as a whole to be more prosocial, what social psychological techniques would you use (describe at least TWO)?
5) What are the psychological costs constantly engaging in prosocial behavior? What are the benefits? In your personal opinion, do the benefits outweigh the costs?
-Please follow the directions carefully.
No plagarism
-Make sure to cite sources

A Day of Prosocial Behavior