Please note for the final project DO NOT use your “real” budgetary information for the exercise rather please try to use “made-up” numbers. The spirit of the homework is to help you understand and eventually to manage your own “real” personal budget. Please do not share with me your private budgetary numbers.

Also, please note in regards to section 5 – “be honest” statement:

5. Copy and Paste this information into a Word Document and answer the following questions based on your number. I don’t want just bullet points of data. I can get that from the Excel part. I want you to write at least three paragraphs based on YOUR data.
a. Based on the income statement, how good are you at saving money? Be honest. The answer has to fit the numbers you showed.
I would like to clarify that the “be honest” statement is reference herein to demonstrate how good are you at saving money based on your own (made up) budget data thus the answer has to fit to the numbers you showed (even though are made up). By all means the ” be honest” statement does not asking to provide your own real budget numbers. I hope this is clear.


For the final project you will need to submit a Word File, an Excel file, a PowerPoint file, a Movie file. Please make sure you have the correct file extensions. (No PDF format extension files will be accepted). Please make sure you read the instructions and requirements and follow thoroughly. Have in mind to also follow APA style guide where is appropriate.

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