I have the sources and the rubric. Must use Action research theory. Must have a reference page and must be in APA 7th. Only need 10 pages total (including reference page). Headings are needed when discussing a section hence: Introduction, Action Research Theory explanation, Applying Change in a organization, Criticism, Conclusion.
Below is the rubric:

Change involves making something different. When change is an intentional, goal-oriented activity it is called planned change. There are two goals of planned change: a) Improve the ability of the organization to adapt to changes in its environment, and b) Change employee behavior.

For this paper, find a recent news story in which you believe change (as describe above) is needed in an organization. Be sure to include:

A brief introductory paragraph or two that explains the situation, and what will follow in your paper.
How you would define the culture of the organization in question.
An explanation of a change theory you would employ to prompt change, as well as the desired change you are seeking.
A critique of the theory you selected.
How the change theory can be applied to a situation.
A brief concluding paragraph that summarizes the key points.
Your paper needs to be 10-11 pages (double-spaced, plus front and back matter), APA style, with at least 7 scholarly sources.


Intro paragraph


Culture of the Organization


Change Theory


Critique of Theory


Application of Theory




APA / Grammar / References / formatting




Here is the article chosen to talk about how more companies should follow suit after Paypal. Should be applying Action Research Theory.

Here are the research articles:
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Action Research Theory & Organizational Change