Paper details  

Writer Please Note: This is just a “outline” for a paper. I’m not requesting a essay at this time , just an outline.

What this essay is about: LGBT and Afrofuturism. ( Afrofuturism addresses the issues and concerns of African American tribulations, while at the same time ignoring a group of people that have always been a part of the African American community as well. This group is the LGBTQ Community)

Sources that will be used for this Essay: The books/ articles I’ll be focusing on are, “The Gilda Stories” written by Jewelle Gomez, also “Aye and Gomorrah” written by Samuel R. Delany and finally a article by the New York Times that is titled, “ Black Panther Movie: What you should Read After Watching the Boundary-Breaking Film”.

1. Outline needs to include a thesis statement ( Somewhere in the introduction section of the outline)
2. The outline needs to have a overarching, organic structure that leads the audience easily through your points
3. Outline needs to include key evidence for your points and specify the places where sources will be used and cited
4. Outline needs to address opposing or alternate views the audience may hold
5. Outline needs to include a concluding statement that matches the thesis idea

Lastly Writer please note: I would also be trying to get your help(later) in writing the actual paper. Would like to use the same writer who created the outline for me. Also if you come across any references that are better than mines I listed , you can use others you may find.