1. Describe the corporation or public institution you have chosen to study. Include its main business or mission, location(s), size, total number of employees, sales, and SP or Fortune 500 rating (if applicable).
2. Describe the situation leading to the lawsuit. Be sure to cite and reference all sources used.
3. What was the court verdict and penalty? Do you feel that it was appropriate? Why or why not? Support your opinion with research from at least two scholarly sources.
4. In your view, describe the negative impact of the court decision or media coverage on the company’s stakeholders.
5. Going forward, what actions should the company’s executives and leadership take to prevent age discrimination? Provide specific guidelines and support your recommendations with research, using at least two scholarly sources in addition to those used in #3 above. You may also use research from trade organizations, your textbook, and government or non-profit agencies to support your case, but these do not count towards the scholarly source requirement.
If the company is a multinational, what adjustments should be made to be in compliance with international anti-discrimination regulations related to ageism?
Ageism in the Global Workplace