It is about the movie called The Notebook and about the alzheimer’s disease)
(My first essay was linked so I hope it is a reference to the Part II Essay)
PART II: Reference List (with explanations; 20% of assignment grade) → For Part II, you will submit the following via TurnItIn on Blackboard: 1) A minimum of FOUR citations referenced in correct APA format • One citation will be your media example • Minimum of 1 peer-‐reviewed REVIEW article regarding your topic • Minimum of 2 peer-‐reviewed EMPIRICAL/PRIMARY RESEARCH articles regarding your topic 2) For each of the peer-‐reviewed citations, you must provide – in your own words – the main finding of the paper (empirical articles) or the main summary of the paper (review article). Also, describe how the cited material supports the argument you plan to present in your final paper – be clear and concise! 3) In addition to the citations (not as a part of them), please provide a URL link to the abstract of the cited articles so that I may reference them while grading.

Alzheimer’s Disease in The Notebook