My subject area is MA HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. And paper details are attached below.

Demonstrated specific skills and competence in the research area through having:
˗ successfully completed the  Research Methods module in which
students would have identified an appropriate Project topic
suitable for systematic and critical enquiry at Master’s level within a specific human
resources area of knowledge or, within that area, a specific strategic human
resources problem, practice, policy or opportunity, together with a clear statement
of the research objectives.
˗ clearly evaluated and justified the rational for the research project and its specific
focus, and its contribution to the HRM field.
˗ Inclusion of a relevant discussion of the organisational context, if appropriate.
˗ demonstrated skills and knowledge of searching and identifying existing academic
and practitioner literature, bearing upon the research topic.
˗ clearly stated, elaborated or adapted a conceptual analytic framework from which
the research topic might be approached.
˗ explained and justified a valid research methodology, design and set of research
˗ provided written evidence of consideration of research ethics implications, and
where relevant, formal ethics approval

An Investigation into the Impacts of Teacher’s Wellbeing on Staff Satisfaction

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