Analyzing a Podcast
Listening to and analyzing a few podcasts will further introduce you to this medium and the variety of methods each uses to inform, persuade, and educate its audience. This activity will deepen your understanding of how content is presented through a podcast and provide some practice with critical thinking and analysis on the effectiveness of a podcast.
1. Listen to the these three short podcasts. Choose one and analyze what elements from the reading in this unit make it an effective podcast.
o from The 5 Minute Mentor(
o Best and Worst Diets of 2020( From Nutrition Diva
o Uncovering a Huge Mystery of College( from NPR’s All Things Considered, October 2, 2019
1. Write a well-developed three paragraph analysis (about 300-350 words) explaining why the one you chose is effective.
o In the first paragraph, introduce and describe the podcast, the format and the topic.
o In the second paragraph, identify and analyze how the use of rhetorical appeals makes the podcast effective.
o In the third paragraph, analyze and discuss how 2-3 other elements of the podcast are used effectively. Consider factors such as audience, purpose, context, language and audio.
2. Provide clear and specific examples for each paragraph with an in-text citations for any evidence you use from the podcast.
3. Add a Works Cited with an MLA formatted citation.

Analyzing a Podcast