The goal of critiquing articles is that you will be able to recognize good, solid research and that you will develop the skill of skimming research for relevant information. The critiques will ask you to identify relevant current research, design, methodology, results and thendiscuss limitations and appropriateness.
1. Introduction/Problem
A short summary or the article, including the hypothesis(es).
2. Background/Prior Work
Includes an overview of previous research; Any relevant background information?
3. Critical Analysis
Methodology – Who was in the study? How many were involved? How were they selected?
Sampling methods – What materials were used? Quantitative or Qualitative? What was the design/framework for the study? What variables were present?
Procedure – What did they have the participants do? How was the data collected? What was the order in which the steps occurred?
Results – What were the results of the research?
Discussion – Did the results support the hypothesis? Were the conclusions of the researchers reasonable? How were the results interpreted?
4. Personal Critique
Discussion of the strengths and flaws of the study; How would you make this study more valid or reliable, etc.? What would you have done differently?
5. Future Research
Suggestions for future research? Next steps?
6. Quality of Writing
Submissions have correct spelling and grammar. Review is written in 3rd person.
7. APA Style
An APA cover page is included. All citations, including in-text citations are written in APA style. APA-style headings are present.

Any topic