Instructions from Professor:
To help you integrate your learning each week and to help you demonstrate your subject matter expertise, you will complete a weekly blog-style post that focuses on one or more of the topics covered that week. Each of the 8 weekly posts must be a minimum of 100 words in length (including the post title) with no maximum limitation. Posts should be tailored to fit the personal/professional brand and/or expertise that you’re trying to develop. Your weekly application posts should go beyond merely reiterating what was covered in the course materials. They should show your target audience(s) how to apply marketing concepts, techniques, or technologies to real-world problems or opportunities for which they have an interest. Although the tone, style, voice, and mood of your writing is up to you, be sure to consider what would work best for your target audiences. To build and maintain your professional expertise, it is imperative that you do not use words like “professor,” “class,” “course,” or other words (e.g., “this week we learned about…”) that infer your role in these posts is one of being a student. Posts that infer student status will receive grades of zero.

Below are the topic you can write about:
What is the future of marketing?
How will analytics play a role in the future of marketing?
How can marketers improve processes and systems so they are more effective and efficient?
Which marketers will be the ones to watch over the next five years (and why)?
What can marketers do to address the issues surrounding the current pandemic?
What can marketers do to reduce and potentially eliminate bias and discrimination in society?
Given their abilities to evoke psychological and behavioral change, what are the responsibilities of marketers?
How can marketers balance their obligations to their customers, their employees, their employers/investors, and society?
Any other topics that relate to marketing.
**Please hyperlink any sources you may use**

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