Feedback from the teacher:
You did a great job explaining how the biological approach connects with Shaman medicine but I do have some questions.

1. Along with all the benefits that the peyote cactus brings, are there any disadvantages it can cause to the human body?

2. The slides where you focused on Shamanic healing and mentioned the drummers and how they drum to a beat where the individual enters a trance. Is there any way that the drummer themselves can sense anything since they are also hearing how the drums go?

3. You mentioned that the drumming can produce trance states and is a symbol for the shaman. How might the drum, as a symbol, intensify the biological effects of the ritual?

4. You mention drugs are used in combination with other stimuli, such as the drumming or dancing, to produce the healing effects gained in the ritual. If separated, do you believe one is more powerful than others, or is it more likely that they are only useful when used together?

Deliverable 3:

Rules for Responses:

Answer all 4 questions asked by your instructor to receive full credit.

Answers must be in complete sentences.

Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Answers like “I don’t know” are not acceptable.

All questions must be researched & attempted.

You can use the references that you provided in your Powerpoint to answer these questions

If you don’t have a resource that answers any of these questions in your references you can look up for an alternative resource but you need to provide an APA citation with the link. Providing the link is very important for your grade in this deliverable 3

Applying biological perpective to the Shamanic medicine