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Assignment Call to Action
Throughout this course you have looked at agents of social change and considered how their leadership strategies have galvanized others to support a cause. From broadsides and speeches in the 18th century to social media today organizers have reached out to the public with visuals and words to educate inspire and advocate for change.

In this Assignment you will take on the role of organizer within a social change movement. Your job is to create a document a flyer poster or PowerPoint that can be used by the movement as a call to action A call to action is an appeal for immediate action or response, and generally includes a mechanism or directive that enables others to take a specific next step. It is more than publicity It is a communication designed to generate action You will share this Assignment with your colleagues in the Week 6 Discussion.

In preparation

Select a current social change movement.
From the perspective of an organizer of this movement, consider how you would frame a message to mobilize support for this cause or for an event related to this cause. Who would you address and why Ask yourself what might prompt immediate action what might inspire an individual to do something a response beyond well intentioned sympathy and concern
Consider the words, visuals and or graphics you would use to convey your messageTo whom are you addressing this message What will gain the attention of this audience
What mechanism will you include by which interested parties can provide immediate response This could be a phone number a website a community gathering, an action, etc.
Decide which format you wish to use flyer poster or a 2 to 3 slide PowerPoint presentation Keep in mind that while use of social media is not part of this Assignment, for whatever communique you develop it is likely that you will circulate it or a version thereof online. Viral saturation is your goal
The Assignment
Create a flyer poster or a 2 to 3 slide PowerPoint presentation designed to not only gain support for a specific social change cause but to generate immediate response or action Include a means by which individuals can respond to this call

By Day 7
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Assignment – Call to Action – Week 6