There is no book needed for this assignment only the instructions I provided

Assignment instructions:

Assign attractiveness scores to the first 20 faces of each sex on a scale from 1 – 10.
Of the 20 faces, choose three women you assigned the lowest scores, and average their faces. Score the new composite face.
Of the 20 faces, choose three women with scores close to 5 and average their faces. Score the result
Of the 20 faces, choose three women with the highest scores and average their faces. Score the resulting face.
Average all 20 female faces. Score the resulting face.
Repeat steps 2-5, using male faces.
Here is a video example of me walking through the lab: the link will be provided to the assigned writer.

Report Instructions: You will need to submit a formal lab report. The report should be in a word document with the following sections:

An introduction containing a description of the basic questions and the premise (ie, what are the researchers testing with their facial averaging software?). Be sure to write and include both a description of each hypothesis (symmetry and averageness) as well as your research questions related to these.
Materials and Methods
In paragraph format and in past tense, describe the materials you needed and the methods you used to complete this lab. Similar to past modules, we understand this is an online lab so this section is a little difficult, but remember, someone (who is not in this class) should be able to complete the lab based on what you write here so what should you include?
You should summarize your findings in a series of data tables AND graphs.
Submit a data table with your results summarized. Write a summary (in a word document) answering the following:
Compare scores between the original faces and the average faces you created. How do they differ?
Compare the scores for the composite faces across the low, medium, and high scoring categories.
Does the score the average face change with how many individual faces are used to create it?
Submit a graph or graphs illustrating your data
For example, you might include a bar graph (or series of bar graphs) comparing the average attractiveness of the sets of three faces you selected (less attractive, medium attractiveness, and very attractive) before and after averaging.
Finally, you should summarize your findings in your lab report.
Was the ‘averageness’ hypothesis supported?
Was the ‘facial symmetry’ hypothesis supported?
Utilize correct grammar, punctuation and content.
Reference your response using APA style references and citations.
Report should be between 300 and 600 words, concise, but long enough to substantiate claims.

Fink, B, et. al, (2006). Facial symmetry and judgements of attractiveness, health, and personality. Personality and Individual Differences 41: 491-499

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