Amount of slides not clear please estimate based on the time limit, speaker notes need to be starting slide 1 as they will be used as speech

Hi, my friend, I have one assignment, we are four students who will discuss one paper called (Procrastination), and we have 20-25 minutes to present the whole paper
-For me, I have to present the background of the paper, so basically, I have to start the presentation from the beginning and starting from the title of the paper
– So, I will have about 7 minutes to present the background of the paper.
-Can you please do PowerPoint slides for me (I’m not sure how many slides is good to cover the background for about 7 minutes), and most importantly can you do speaker notes for each slide in a way I can use it exactly to present each slide during the presentation, and you can write the speaker note like you presenting each specific slide.
-The speaker notes can include all the slides starting from the Title slide, and when I introduce myself and say the title, then the other slide I want the speaking notes to be efficient and corresponds to the main slide and enough to cover all important points in the specific slide
– I want all the speaking notes for every slide efficient with simple terminology and in a way, I can use it exactly to present the slides
– The slides should have fewer words and less compacted (Use Virtual queues) and well organized and clear, and put all the explanation in the speaking notes
– So, you can take a look at the paper and see how you can put the slides with the speaking notes, and how you can manage the speaking notes for each slide to fit the time set for this specific slide to present it.
-I will upload the paper and the instructions file, and just in case if there are additional instructions I will let you know
– You can see how many slides are good to cover and present the background and estimate the price

-Thank you, my friend,

Background presentaion slides with speaking notes about biology paper.docx /AN