Very important detail, I live Central Standard Time in the United States so its very important that you assess for the time difference when the date arrives. It will be held March 2nd at 11 AM. The Citric acid cycle, Oxidation of fatty acids, Carbohydrate Biosynthesis, Amino Acid Oxidation and the Production of Urea Oxidative Phosphorylation will be the material that’ll be on the test. This is entirely multiple choice and doesn’t have any writing whatsoever. The test has 35 questions but only 45 minutes to take it. Questions can’t be skipped either which means its a final answer once you answer the question. Next, this will be held on blackboard. The link is down below. You’ll go to quick links and click blackboard. It’ll ask for an email and a password, I’ll provide it on the day of the test. Please login at least 20 minutes before the test. Teacher is very strict to start directly at the time so be ready to join. (Don’t worry he’s not watching and doesn’t have a proctor). Oh and when you do login it’ll ask for a code. I will give you that code through my phone and then you’ll be able to get into blackboard. I have to provide it to you fast or else it won’t be able to log you in, so just be ready to recieve the code through this website or via email. Whichever method you choose, I need you to have the code.(Very Important) Navigating through blackboard, you’ll then go to courses then click on Biochem II (Chem 473). Then go to Online Exams and it should be there at 11 am if not refresh the page and it should be there.

Biochem II online test /AN