Years 15-20 need to be completed—
Due dates:
year 15: 2/17
year 16: 2/20
year 17: 2/24
year 18: 3/3
year 19: 3/6
year 20: 3/9

Instructions to follow:
In BSG, you will be running your own athletic shoe company. Each student runs his/her own company. Your goal in BSG is to maximize your company’s performance and stock price.

BSG decisions can be entered at any time between the end of the previous round and the end of the current round. Be sure to save your decisions often! You can change them and save them as many times as you want until the deadline for the specific decision round.

Company performance in BSG equally depends on the following five factors: earnings per share, return on equity, stock price, credit rating, and image rating. One half of your company performance score is based on investor expectations and one half is based on best-in-industry performance.

A username and pw are needed to be supplied by me once a decision has been made to move forward.

BSG online /AN