Based on the information in the case, use the “Operations Analytics Case Study Data” file, the “Operations Analytics Case Study Template,” and the Excel drawing tools to create a task network diagram based on the “Production Steps” information in the case. To clarify this information, assume that following:

The “Cover marketing created” task is a successor to the “First edit” task.
The “Printer selection” task is a successor to the “Interior Layout (Pagination)” task.
The “Project sent to printer” task is a successor to the “Printer selection” task.
Place your task network diagram in the “NetworkDiagram” sheet of the “Operations Analytics Case Study Template.”

Using the “Operations Analytics Case Study Template” file as a starting point, create Excel formulas for the following cells for each task:

Activity time (days)
Start (days)
Finish (days)
Resource availability (days)
Expected to be behind?
Cost of back up contractor
Actual backup cost
For Tasks 3, 4, 6, and 8-10 in the spreadsheet, assume that the “Activity Times (Days)” will be the stated Mean times.

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