2. Put the entire paper in the third-person tense; not first or second. That means absolutely no I’s, us’s, we’s, ours, etc. No you’s your’s, yours, etc. Only use they, them, their, etc. That’s third-person.

3. In Modules, open the Course Project Overview. You will find the Marketing Plan Outline link. Follow that format. It mirrors the example in Chapter 2, Appendix A that begins on page 56 in the text book.

4. Review Chapter 2 Appendix A that begins on page 56 in the text book. This is VERY important. Use similar format, headings, and ideas for the plan. It is a great example.

5. The Executive Summary is a summary of the entire paper. Since you are not submitting the entire paper on Week 4, there’s no reason to do the summary. Save the Executive Summary for your Week 8 submission when you have the entire paper completed. Then you can summarize what the paper is about.

6. There has to be at least 5 financial and 5 non-financial goals.

7. There has to be at least 5 points in each of the SWOT categories.

8. The entire paper has to be a narrative, like the text book example. Other than the financial, non-financial and SWOT analysis, there should be NO bullets. Everything else should be a descriptive narrative that tells a story.

9. The target audience has to be narrowed down to a 10-year span. You can’t market to an 18 year-old the same as a 30-year old. Choose a specific target audience age demographic.

Business Management