this is the whole draft of my phd dissertation, from the comments of committee, they would like me to redefine the term “public diplomacy” a bit to make it more inclusive, to include and combine “external affairs” “public relations in Macau government”, weaken the point and strength of “public diplomacy”, since macau is a special administrative region rather than a sovereign states. this needs the writer to do some brainstorming, to keep most part of the dissertation, but to make changes in parts of “literature review” “analytical framework”. In fact, the part of “theoretical framework” can be skip, to make the whole dissertation more of a “proposition”. The title of the dissertation can be designed at the same time. As for the structure, chapter 4 is suggested to be separated into 2 or 3 chapters, which conclusion and policy implication should be one in the end. It is a concept editing work which may need some thinking. Would like to tip more once finished. Thank you

case study of external affairs of Macau