Capstone Project Proposal

(52) How to write a Problem Statement in Research – YouTube how to write a problem statement in your research proposal manuscript – Bing video PROBLEM STATEMENT 1. Define the actual problem (do not include a solution statement). 2. Define the current practice as it relates to the problem 3. State the focus of […]

Emotions and Attachment Infancy to Early Childhood

Research: A minimum of 5 references is required, and at least 3 of them must be peer reviewed journal articles. Non-scholarly sources, print or web-based, can be used to supplement the scientific sources. Research on your chosen topic should include current findings and up-to-date information. See required details for paper along with the sources. If […]

A3 Educational Technologies Comparison /AN

Compare the features, benefits, and capabilities of two versions of a similar technology that can be used for teaching, learning, or assessment in nursing education, using the Technology Comparison Template provided. Then, determine which teaching and learning situations the technology is best suited for and how it can be incorporated into a specific nursing education […]