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Identification of underlying genetic interactions (Modifier genes) in large cohorts of patients that carry different causative mutations of Joubert syndrome by applying bioinformatics and statistical analysis. The research group have started to discover the complexity of the inherited Joubert syndrome in detail providing insights that can be exploited to develop novel therapeutics. I would like […]

JaysonsonASIA SI31- Final research paper

Instructions In your film project report, you are required to do comparative work on at least two films discussed in class. The purpose of the abstract and annotated bibliography is to motivate you to think about your final paper topic and the selections of films. In this assignment, you will give a 200-300-word abstract, describing your topic in […]


You will be held accountable for honest behavior in this class. Likewise, honest test-taking and homework procedures will be enforced. Refer to the student guidelines handbook for what constitutes “cheating.” The Academic Policy Statement 810213 for Academic Dishonesty at is located at: Concerning Plagiarism: “You are guilty of plagiarism when you present someone else’s words […]

Cultural-Centric Globalization Strategies for Increasing Companies’ Profitability OR YOUR TOPIC IN ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT FIELD /AN

I WANT MY DISSERTATION TO BE WRITTEN IN ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT SUBJECT FIELD PLS SUGGEST THE TOPIC WHERE YOU CAN PERFORM THE BEST i want the conceptual framework to also be represented pictorially Installment plan: 1st installment – 166 pages; 2nd installment – 34 pages