Economic Interdependence and War Pg. 1-143 & 428-446

Paper details   Reconstruct the core elements of this book – namely: the theory, the method, and the relevance to the literature (a.k.a. literature review). Must address the following: 1) Identify the central puzzle(s) and the theory(-ies) that resolve the puzzle(s). This treatment should identify the variables and the causal claim(s) that specifies how the […]


Paper details   Assignment name Audience type Addressee •• Proposal •• Internal BCOM Instructor Jim The Proposal Assignment This assignment will help students meet the following course objectives: • Construct appropriate business writing in a variety of situations • Model professional business behaviors • Apply business techniques in written and electronic presentations • Communicate with […]

Signal processing in medical field Such as EEG, ECG. You can focus on ECG for example and mention what is new.

Paper details   The objective of this component is to research and study applications of digital signal processing (DSP) in emerging and modern technologies. For this component, each group should conduct a literature survey to understand the impact of DSP has on our lives. DSP has many applications in many fields, such as audio and […]

Workshop 4 – Communicating Science Through and With Photographs

Paper details   1. Please answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences each. a. What is the context of the gallery you have selected – i.e. contest, “best of,” etc. – and how might that shape your expectations and interpretations? b. What is the media source or organization providing the gallery and how is that […]

Project Two Milestone (Tesla)

Paper details   Overview In preparation for your report in Project Two, you will need to calculate the financial ratios needed to determine your chosen business’s current financial health. Once you’ve calculated these ratios, the results will be used to analyze the business’s current financial position and help them make decisions about how to improve […]