Social media marketing strengths and weaknesses of the competition

For this exercise you have been assigned the task of reporting back to the manager what the competition is doing. Although a fictitious scenario, this does takes place in the real world and a great exercise to conduct since it can all be done online! Choose the industry you have a passion about (i.e. fashion, […]

juxtapose the assigned textbook readings

Paper details   in no more than eight double-spaced pages (not including your title page and reference page), pick at least four and no more than seven different things that are mentioned in the assigned Pedersen & Thibault textbook chapters that were not covered (either in the PowerPoint bullet points or verbally) in Prof. Hyatt’s […]

Nutritional Genomics -Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs)

Paper details   Writers Choice: APA Style 450 words Option I Select one peer-reviewed research article that investigates at least one of the SNPs covered in the module lecture or reading(s). You are to analyze the research article, critiquing study design and methodology where appropriate. Identify any current challenges in conducting such research. Discuss key […]

Suppose that the early American painters, writers, and architects all went to Europe and stayed because they could make more money there. Would America still have developed world-class painters, writers, and architects?

Paper details   The source is- Lewis, Tom. The Hudson: A History. New Haven: Yale University Press, hardcover or paperback edition (chapter 7 pg 186–224) Preferred language style   Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

Writer’s Choice

The client, an experienced contractor specialised in building hospitals, wants to become a “Design and Build Company” specialising in designing and building modern hospitals incorporating innovative design features in response to specific requirements of the clinical briefs and the construction process. As such, the client has decided to form an in-house integrated design team. The […]