Perform quality and safety assessment at the practicum’s organizational level, by answering the following:

What quality measures are tracked and how is the data and information obtained? Compare the results over the last year and to benchmarks.
How does this organization select, collect, align, and integrate data to change structure. Process and then outcome?
How does this organization ensure that the performance measurement system is sensitive to rapid or unexpected organizational or external changes?
How does this organization translate performance improvement data into opportunities for innovation? Provide an example.
Submit a no more than three (3) page summary discussing the key findings and analysis of one performance improvement measure. The summary should, follow the General Grading Rubric for Papers at the end of this syllabus, and include the following:

Overview of assessment findings
Take one performance improvement measure:
Review data and examine processes,
Search evidence for best practice,
Compare and contrast organizational processes to best practice,
Make recommendations.


Overview of assessment findings


Identification of one performance measure


Comparison of organizational processes based upon evidence from the literature




APA Format/References and writing skills


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