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One concept discussed in this week’s reading was “management by wandering around”. This is when a manager is walking around being involved in the work, rather than just spectating. This helps the managers to engage with their employees and learn about their work, interests, and ideas. This may seem small, but talking and with the employees goes a long way in building great company culture. Personally, I am a quiet person, but when I am in a managerial position I plan on managing by walking because I have experienced the effects from the employee perspective.
From personal experience, I can say that walking around builds trust and communication. When I trust my manager I am willing to speak up about certain things. I am also more willing to go the extra mile because I recognized that my superiors are human and that my hard work helps them. Employees can tell when a manager is really being genuine about what they do, so if one is going to walk around, they must do it because they want to and because they care about the employees.
I currently work as a student assistant at FIU and before COVID-19 I used to see administrative employees walking around the building all the time. At first, I had this idea that managers and administrators were intimidating and distant beings who simply gave instructions and would appear when something went wrong, but this changed when I had conversations with them. Seeing the manager and administrators walk around helped me to realize that they were human as well and they were actually very nice people. It may seem small and insignificant, but the results are very impactful because this helped me to be very comfortable with the higher-ups.

Here is an example of what one of my other classmates replied to his post just so you have an idea: Interesting post, I never thought about the idea of “management by wandering around”. I also work as a student assistant at FIU BBC and since my job requires me to work inside an office space I do notice that sometimes administrative employees come inside to check on everyone, but they also like to start friendly conversations to make you feel comfortable and included. In your post, you stated that “It may seem small and insignificant, but the results are very impactful because this helped me to be very comfortable with the higher-ups”, I felt the same way after the first weeks of starting my position, I realized that by connecting with the administrative employees I have built a stronger network in the university.

I also agree that there is better communication, engagement, and trust. When managers take the time in their day to ask about your thoughts, ideas, or interests, it helps build self-confidence in the workplace and the employee has the motivation to work hard on their goals. Managers can be intimidating but with Management by Wandering Around (MWBA) team members see the manager as a human. As well as a manager they will have and be more willing to share ideas and connect effectively.

obviously do not copy what they wrote but just to have an idea in order of how to reply to his post.

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