– TIAI for Chapters: 1, 18, 6, 10, 14, 2, 13 and 12
– I will try to attach the book but the Link to the book is also Here: https://is.muni.cz/el/1456/podzim2017/BKH_PSEK/um/povinna_literatura/Robbins__S._P.____Judge__T._A.__2017_._Organization_behaviour.pdf
– It can be half page for each chapter as concise as possible

1. The theory is something that you create based on your reading of the chapter. It is your original thought and is not taken verbatim from the textbook. I’m looking for your creativity and perspectives based on the reading.

2. Definitions – You provide the definitions that relate to your TIAI and will help the readers (your classmates and me) understand the arguments you are creating. The definitions come from the chapter and other sources.

3. Example – This is an example of your application. Don’t confuse it with the two illustrations of your theory. Take a closer look at the Practice Labs above.

4. Implications – These relate to your application and its example. You should “connect the dots” here on a micro level. Don’t give broad or general implications such as “increase profits” or “more sales”. This is too easy and unacceptable. I want you thinking on a micro and deeper level than this. Take a closer look at the two Practice Labs above.