Conceptual Model: Philosophy of Leadership
Overview: You will individually design and develop a Conceptual Model of Your Personal Philosophy of Leadership, a representation of your understanding of educational administration that reflects how you apply your knowledge of historical, contemporary, social, and philosophical issues to your leadership. It is a content-based practical demonstration of the theory and research from book American Education this professional preparation program, and should apply to your work in schools.

Your final model should highlight the various facets of leadership as we have been studying the construct in this class, including the following: Identifying and articulating prominent educational leadership themes as reflected in selected historical, philosophical and sociological sources; applying to your own experiences the theories and concepts of educational leadership introduced in the course; articulating the roles of educators as leaders in larger contexts, and responding to the needs of local communities, our nation, and our world.

Length & Font Style/Size: The paper is to be no more than five pages in length (approximately 2,000 words, not including references) using Times New Roman font and 12 font size.

The paper should describe: (1) The visual model in detail, piece-by-piece, and (2) Address the 11 Standard Elements analytically as provided in your rubric.

Source : American Education a History
Urban & Wagoner

Conceptual Model: Philosophy of Leadership