I’ve added the edits and than what was specific on what the writer had to fix. Please make sure they follow what I’ve asked in the 1st draft and what I’m asking for my 3rd and final draft to meet all the Assignments Requirements that have been detailed on Cyber Rat Project Phase 1.
Orders 1 week

When I placed the order for a week, in advance please make sure the writer takes the time and is through than it would prevent all these edits.

I’ve reached out and the writer is working but no more edits I’d like this to be right and meet all the requirements The latest to receive my Paper is Monday 9/28/20 at latest 9/29/20, I’d prefer it by Sunday 9/27/20.

OK … so today is the 25th, so I’m going to be quick about the edits: Assignment is due 9/28/20 at 11:40am

I did a quick review of draft 2 … and here is the thing … your paper needs to show that you understood the exercise, and right now, it doesn’t show that you do. I’d like you to try and re-write sections 2 and 3 before going through another edit. Keep in mind that you need to show that you understood the exercises – not just repeat what the instructions said.

I had hoped that the edits suggested in exercise 1 would help inform how you might want to structure the write-ups of exercise 2 and 3.

For example, in Exercise 2, the instructions read, “Describe the procedure you used in this exercise, including setting and define the term.” Do you know what “term” the instructions are referring to?

To show that you really knew what you were doing, your paper should define terms as well as parameters.

You mention classical conditioning in exercise 2, but isn’t the whole thing about classical conditioning?
The instructions for exercise 1 say to define “baseline” (as well as habituation). There is no mention of baseline in your write up of exercise 1.
Experiment #2 is titled “Stimulus Presentation” – what is the relationship of “latency” to “stimulus presentation”? You should also define “latency”.

I know that the first write-ups of scientific inquiry can be daunting. So, hang in there. Try re-writing again … and this time, think in terms of showing that you understood the exercise, and remove the instructions from hand-outs.




Conditioning & Learning- Cyber Rat T. Project