During the semester, students will write five (5) short papers based on one of the required Mindtap primary documents that are assigned each week. After reading the documents, students will pick ONE (1) document and write a 500-600 word (about two double-spaced pages) essay in which you explain the document and why it is significant in American History in your own words. Think of yourself as a historian and explain the “who, what, where, when and why” of the document. Remember the WHY especially—it’s where you explain why this document matters and how it fits the time period/topics we are studying. These should be structured essays, with an introduction (with thesis statement), a body, and a conclusion. The papers must conform to all rules of grammar/spelling and document their sources (footnotes). “

no outside sources to be used must have a strong historical thesis and relate to what we are currently studying but should be about the primary document i have attached. relating to why this document is important in the time period we are studying i posted the review of our chapter for this week to be able to say why the primary source document was important during this time period must use evidence to support your argument and cite using footnote style must also cite primary source document using footnote style


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must use footnote style when citing in paper thesis must state importance of document then compare to time period we are studying most important aspect of paper is the thesis

constitution of the united states