Choose THREE of the people in Eric Forner’s Voices of Freedom and fully develop them analytically. (I will select these people and their corresponding passages and put them in the attachments!) I do not want separate biographies but a paper that compares and contrasts the individual selections that focus on the idea of freedom.
How did they interpret the idea of freedom?
What contributions did they make to their times?
What challenges did they face?
How did they see the idea of freedom extended to others?
Besides the voices reader, and an additional 5 credible sources are required. Note: an encyclopedia is not a credible source

Student note: For this paper, please use FDR’s “Four Freedoms”, Henry Luce’s “The American Century”, and Henry Wallace’s “The Century of the Common Man”. I’m going to attach their corresponding passages that are straight from the textbook. Please let me know if there is any confusion so that I can clarify. Thank you!

Contrasting Views of Freedom in American History