Class early developmental psychology
** No need to read book chapter just google spotlight research chapter 11, go on quiz let and read through enough to answer these questions demostrating knowledge on the topic thanks.
The “Spotlight on Research” feature from this chapter focuses on the influence of attachment style on how one forms romantic relationships. Continue your discussion of the study presented by expanding on these questions.
1) Who were the investigators, and what was the aim of the study?
2) How did the investigators measure the topic of interest?
3) Who were the participants in this study?
4) What was the design of the study?
5) Were there ethical concerns with this study?
6) What were the results?
7) What did the investigators conclude?
8) What converging evidence would strengthen these conclusions?
Book assignment answer these questions above
Human Development: A Life Span-View, 6th Edition, by Robert V. Kail and John C.
Cavanaugh, Thomson Learning, 2013. (ISBN 1111834113)

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