For this essay, in fewer than 1200 (1100-1200)words, you will explain and critically analyze a central claim or argument from the course reading “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” by Peter Singer. In your essay, you are required to do each of the following:

Explain a central argument or claim from the reading.
Describe at least one objection to the argument or claim which you are critically analyzing.
Explain how the author could best respond to the objection.
Defend a clear thesis.

Remember to be clear and concise in your language so that you can give your thesis a thorough defense within the word constraint. Essays will receive a letter grade that is the result of a holistic assessment using the criteria in this holistic rubricPreview the document.

1. Outside sources are ok but you’re not required to use outside sources. a very, very excellent paper can be written with just one reference.

2. Often is going to be you have your intro paragraph where you say what you’re going to argue in the paper and then the next paragraph, you begin with sort of articulating and summarizing that central argument or claim giving your reconstruction of it. So you should you should very clearly delineate fully what that argument is. don’t give biographical information about Peterson or who he is,

3. The intro need to follow the example essays in their format by saying what we will explain in the essay. so giving a roadmap and the introductory paragraph is a great idea and that’s something that you should you should aim to do.

critically analyze a central claim or argument from the course reading