Dallah is a young African boy who is the age 14 . He is keen, modest. He travels to Greek to continue his studies because he has learnt all Africa has to offer him.

II.Rising Climax

He is captured and forced into becoming a slave. Breaks free after 3 years of slavery. He Is now 17.


Gets into a huge fight for freedom. Wins using brains over fighting with fits. He goes to return the life of his comrades of whom fallen and meets Hades. Hades makes a bet with him. Dallah wins the bet and returns. After all of this he is now 20/21

IV.Falling Climax

-He is recognized by other gods especially Poseidon and is taught the ways of the seas, weather, growing food/farming. He is allowed to spread his knowledge to others

-Dallah became a well known monk. Gives others wisdom and the ideas that there is always peace.

Dallah the God of Ways

My name is Dallah, a young African boy ,my life as a young boy in Mali was simple. The descendants of Africans, Gods and Goddesses. I live a nomadic lifestyle with my parents. I was an active child and helped my mother with chores around the house. My family engaged in farming for sustainability, and it was our daily activity to tend to the farm. My parents had other trades like working on other people’s farms in exchange for products we did not have. Before traveling to Greece at the age of 14th for my studies, I had no knowledge that another world exists. My life revolved around my village and our Gods, and it never occurred to me that there were other people in the world besides us. Upon arriving in Greece and starting my studies, I was recognized by the Gods for being keen. I will gain the attention of the God Poseidon and he will teach me all he knows about the oceans and how it works and the creatures that inhabit it. This is when my life changed for better or worse. Allow me to explain.

Dallah the African God of Wisdom &