Discuss the following questions in your essay for both perspectives:

British perspective: According to the documents that support the British position (Declaratory Act, Soame Jenyns and Samuel Johnson), what is the relationship of the colonies to Great Britain? What rights and authority does Great Britain have over the colonies?
American perspective: According to documents supporting the American position (Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress, The Rights of the British Colonists Asserted and Proved), what rights belong to the colonists? How do they view the relationship between the colonies and Great Britain?

“The heading for your essay should only by one (1) line, to include only your name and the unit number. Ten (10) points will be automatically deducted for not following this instruction. Your essay should be a minimum of 3 pages of narrative, and you should spend AT LEAST one page discussing each position (one page discussing the British perspective and one page discussing the American perspective. Your answer should reflect the main points from each reading, and ALL readings should be addressed in your essay. A separate MLA-style Works Cited page should list the sources (namely, the required reading, plus any outside sources that you use. You may use any outside sources you desire, but you must also use assigned readings. The above questions for each perspective should be addressed in your essay. Use examples from the readings to illustrate your main points. When you write your essay, don’t just go reading by reading; rather, see what common themes are found in the readings for both perspective and write paragraphs based on themes rather than examining each reading individually. Yes, this requires more thought, but then your essay won’t read like an extended book report on each article. If you have any questions, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Debate Over Taxation and Representation