)Use Expository Writing Style
2) The research paper must begin with an introduction paragraph and end with a summary paragraph. ( not a conclusion ).
3)1″ margins all around, paged numbered.
4) In-text citations must be used to support every fact presented and must follow APA format.
5)The references cited page must include at least three complete and credible APA formatted references from scientific journals, books or chapters.
6)Wikipedia, dictionaries, encyclopedia, and online websites are not acceptable references to be cited in this assignment.
7)Do not quote anyone in the narrative.
8) Do not ask questions as part of the narrative.
9) Use APA format. No abstract
10) You can use Introduction the psychology book from James W. Kalat, 11th edition.
11) You can use -smc.edu: library databases: all databases: psychology and behavioral sciences collection: then search by subject.

PLEASE DO NOT USE ONLINE SOURCES IT IS ONLINE FROM THE BOOKS – IF YOU USE ONLINE SOURCES MY PROFESSOR WON’T ACCEPTED IT. Also please give the page number or paragraph number and volume in citation. And my professor wants me to use citations in essay as 2well not only for references. Please be careful about this otherwise she wont accept it.

Define and describe self-esteem and self-efficacy, and discuss the impact of each on behavior, especially on learning