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This essay should be 4 full to 5 pages long, double-spaced, in 12 pt font with 1 inch margins in Times New Roman, and use the APA citation style for citations. (A title page, Abstract page, and reference page do not count toward the minimum length.) Please include a title and identifying information on a title page (for APA-7) — follow the citation style you are using for format. For those of you writing in APA-7 style, use of an Abstract is OPTIONAL (the abstract page does not count toward the minimum length and does not take the place of an introduction to your paper).

Your essay will have both in-text citations and a Reference list. All quotes MUST be clearly marked with quotation marks and in-text citations with the page number included; all paraphrases & summaries from sources must also be cited in the text and written IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not overuse quotes: no paper should use more than 15% quotes.

The essay should be coherent, fully developed, and well supported by specific evidence. It should have clear and well thought out organization that includes: a concise, clear introduction with a concrete thesis statement, well-developed paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion that follows plausibly from the discussion of sources. Essays should be revised and edited for organization, mechanics, tone, fluency, and spelling.

This assignment requires FOUR steps:

1. Problem Formulation: First, select a topic in your own discipline (e.g. veterinary medicine) that you would like to research, that lends itself to debate, and that you will be able to write the Literature Review.

2. Literature Search: Once you have selected your topic, you will conduct a literature search for the most important research that has been done on your topic in the last decade.

3. Data Evaluation: You will evaluate your sources and focus on those that are most credible, most relevant, and most important to your topic. While your literature review does not need to be exhaustive, it should represent a serious grappling with the literature focused on your topic (6 high quality sources). I would like to see a variety of types of sources, including both academic books and articles from different academic journals. Do not use popular websites, dictionaries, or popular encyclopedias as sources.

4. Analysis and Interpretation: Once you have assembled your sources (6 sources are attached), you will construct a literature review that describes, compares, and evaluates your 6 sources within the discourse on your topic. Your review must be directly focused on assessing the relevant sources and their authors in order to receive credit for the assignment. It should assess and interconnect these sources in a unified narrative that addresses their relative importance, their credibility, the claims they make, and their similarities and differences. Please aim at writing in a way that is to the best of your ability, the norms of academic writing in the veterinary field.

Before you begin, look carefully at these resources:

From ASU Library

From UCSC Library

Several former students’ Literature Reviews will be ATTACHED, to show you how they focus on discussion of sources. The 6 approved sources for this assignment will also be ATTACHED.

Here are some questions to consider as you write your Literature Review:

Is my topic sufficiently focused? Is it a topic that lends itself to some degree of debate?

Is my introduction focused and concise? Does it let the reader know the purpose of this literature review?

How credible are my sources? Are most of them articles from academic journals and academic books?

How relevant are my sources to my topic? Do they make a major contribution to the discourse on my topic?

How will I organize my review? Will I use headings? Will I discuss major sources one by one, in order of importance or chronology? Or will I organize my sources thematically?

How will I evaluate and interconnect my sources and how will I bring them directly into my narrative? Which ones are most important? Do they agree or disagree? Which is the most recent? Which are more credible? Where was the study written? Who are the authors? What are the parameters of their study? What are some of the titles of the articles?

How does the discourse on this topic unfold over time in the last decade? What are the key debates in this discourse?

Have I included a conclusion that sums up my review?

Have I included a References page in the APA-7 citation style?

Have I used the APA-7 citation style for in-text citations for quotes, paraphrases and interpretations from my sources?

Have I clearly marked all quotes with both quotation marks and an in-text citation that includes the page number?

Have I directly discussed each of the 6 sources?

Have I followed the norms for a Review of Literature embodied by the sample reviews from the sample student reviews, and the norms discussed on the ASU and UCSC website?

Preferred language style   Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)
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