Using the required reading and two websites suggested for this assignment, answer the following questions:
What does it mean to say original Medicaid is 50 different programs? How is ACA Medicaid (Medicaid expansion) different than other Medicaid programs? Discuss your state’s Medicaid expansion status. Which groups of people still have inadequate insurance coverage?
Required Reading:
Required Reading
Policy and politics for nurses and other health professionals: Advocacy and action
Chapter 11: Medicare: Protector to Innovator
Chapter 12: Medicaid and the Financing of Care for Vulnerable Populations: A Story of Misconceptions
Required Resources
Gale, A. H. (2015, July/August). 50 years of Medicare: The good and the bad (PDF). Missouri Medicine, 112(4).
Brill, S. (2013, February 20). Bitter pill: Why medical bills are killing us (PDF). Time.


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