Discussion Board Forums enhance learning as you share your ideas, perspectives, and experiences with your classmates. There are 3 Discussion Board Forums in this course. For each forum, you will create a thread in response to the topic presented. To enhance the discussion, you will provide a unique reply to the threads of at least 2 classmates. Topics will be based upon the Reading & Study assigned each module/week. Detailed instructions for each Discussion Board are found within the prompts. Refer to the individual grading rubrics that have been provided. Both the frequency with which you participate and the depth of the content written will affect your grade.
1. Do not use direct quotations from the textbook or any other source (except possibly a short Scripture verse) in any of your threads or replies. These submissions must be in your own words (paraphrased) so that your understanding of the topic can be adequately assessed.
2. Do not attach a Microsoft Word document; rather, type directly into the textbox or copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document directly into the textbox.
3. Be conversational but stay on topic. Do not simply repeat information you find in our textbook, but incorporate your ideas and unique perspectives. After you write your post, compare what you have written to the assignment instructions (for the initial thread and for the reply posts) to insure that you have addressed each discussion point.
4. When required, include at least 1 citation and reference in current APA format.
5. Finally, proofread your work carefully to eliminate spelling, capitalization, grammar, and sentence structure errors. Refer to the grading rubric to ensure an outstanding grade.
This course utilizes the Post-First feature in all Discussion Board Forums. This means you will only be able to read and interact with your classmates’ threads after you have submitted your thread in response to the provided prompt. For additional information on Post-First, click here for a tutorial.
For each forum, submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of the assigned module/week, and submit your replies by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the same module/week.

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