First, list all of the cultural challenges posed by Disney’s expansion into Asia. (Side of matrix.)
Next, list cultural variables that influenced these challenges. (Top of matrix.)
Decide on a score (1-5) for each of these challenges according to the relative importance of the factors. Multiply each of these scores by 2 to find the weighted scores for each option/factor combination.
The first section of your paper should be an explanation of this process and how you decided on each of the factors in the matrix.
Next, respond to the following questions:
How were the challenges you chose different than the challenges of Euro Disney?
What role does culture play in the location choice of Disney theme parks?
Why was the Disney Shanghai park controversial? What were the risks and benefits of the project?
As a conclusion, reflect on your overall thoughts on this case. (Can be found in the end of chapter 7 page 273 in the book or 304 as PDF page)
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Make the writing simple and easy to follow
Introduction no more than 75 words
Body paragraph 1225 words
Conclusion 50 words

Disney in Asia Case Study