What should I write in my paper?
Your paper should discuss and reflect your understanding of the documentary we
watched in class and our class discussions. We said “History repeats itself”, can you identify
certain instances in the documentary that apply to the history of Mesopotamia/Iraq. Which
patterns do you see? Where and when? How do these patterns help us better understand what
Iraq has been through and speculate where Iraq is going?
Please refer back to our class discussions as much as you can and do NOT summarize the
documentary. If you would like to refer to an outside source please make sure that you give as
much details as possible of your outside source. Should you refer to an English translation of an
Arabic source or vice-versa, please make sure that you state the name of the translator and
when and where the translation appeared. If you would like to express your opinion, please
make sure that you support your opinion with a strong argument from our class recommended
readings or reliable outside sources. Wikipedia is NOT reliable!
How much should I write?
Your paper should be 3 to 5 pages, no title page is required.
How should I write my paper?
1- Your paper should conform to American Psychological Association (APA) writing style,
please consult
2- Your paper should be written in 12 point and Times-New Roman font, double spaced.
3- Standard one inch margins are required.
4- Do not over space or add any clip arts or graphic images.
5- You should use Standard American English OR Modern Standard Arabic when writing
your paper, no slang or dialect usages are permitted.
6- Your paper should be submitted in a PDF format.
7- DO NOT email me your paper!! Please upload your paper to Canvas!
1- Please check your paper for plagiarism. All submitted papers will be checked via various
E-plagiarism evaluation software.
2- Please do not write your paper 20 minutes before the deadline!
3- Make sure you spell-check and proofread your paper more than once.
4- Before submission, please read your paper aloud to yourself to make sure that it makes
documentary that apply to the history of Mesopotamia/Iraq