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Data Analysis and Visualization – Week 6
Because the course is centred on comparative analysis one of the components focuses on the use of data. Here students will select variables from a statistical database and provide a comparative analysis and visualization of those variables.
Among the analysis that you can undertake are:
• correlating foreign direct investment in various countries with the trajectory of economic variables like average wages, per capita income or even the Human Development Index over time;
• A description of a specific variable across different units of analysis (states, provinces, cities, etc.), such as the difference in average salary by age and gender for a selection of Canadian Provinces, or the relative importance incidence of a certain variable for specific policies (this can include health, education, immigration, and many other sectors);
Among the databases that you can utilize are the World Bank, Statistics Canada, and the OECD Statistics database, but of course many others are available worldwide, if you are in doubt as to whether the database that you are using is appropriate, please check with the instructor.
The analysis should be between 500 and 750 words, it should include:
• a brief statement and explanation of why a certain variable/set of variables has been
• a brief explanation justifying the choices of units of analysis (states, provinces, cities,
• a description of the trends/status that you have found. These trends must be expressed
also in visual terms with tables, charts, or both.
• An appropriately developed MLA academic bibliography must be provided but it will not be
counted towards the word limit.

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