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Reading: And of Clay We are Made by Isabel Allende

Step 1 – Select one short story covered in ENG200 so far this semester. Step 2 – Recall the Elements of Fiction. Your choices include: Point of View, Setting, Conflict, Plot, Character, Tone and Style, Symbolism, and Theme. **Terms such as structure, language, foreshadowing, diction, and climax, for example, would fall under a major category. So, you may discuss Diction and Language as a part of Tone and/ or Style and Conflict and Climax as a part of Plot.Step 3 – Choose one of the Elements of Fiction to analyze your selected reading. Step 4 – Using examples and illustrations from the text, analyze the short story by. (**I use the words “text” and “short story” interchangeably because a short story is a text.) Format:Length – 3 typed double-spaced pages Use in-text citations for any quotes or paraphrases from the text (story) or another source. Include a separate Works Cited page with full citations (as the last page of the essay) Use MLA Style. o use a correct MLA Heading o indent each paragrapho use 12 point font, black ink onlyo include a title (centered/ do not underline, capitalize, italicize, or bold)o use Times New Romano double-space the entire documentSpecifics:1. Pay attention and take copious notes during class discussions.2. View the assignment rubric (below).3. Use MLA Style Format.a. A correctly formatted headingb. double-space the entire documentc. center the title (Do not bold, italicize, color, capitalize, underline, and/ or add quotation marks)d. Indent all paragraphs4. Include Parenthetical (in-text citation) and a Works Cited page.5. Select one reading from the course that we have already read and discussed.

Elements of Fiction