PURPOSE: You will not always have up to 6 minutes to inform your audience about a desired topic. In this presentation, you will have 60 seconds to inform your audience about your topic. Your condensed speech will highlight you and an important aspect of your topic.
This speech should be exactly one-minute long.
This presentation should be delivered extemporaneously and without any notes. (You will not always have access to notes if the opportunity for an “elevator” pitch arises.)
Examples of topics include: a foundation or charity, a personal achievement, a personal goal or a real-life hero. A personal achievement or personal goal should be something extra ordinary, not the average accomplishment.
Please utilize the given outline as an example for the format of your speech!
You will be turning in your assignment on Acclaim. Once you have completed your recording and uploading, go back and confirm that your speech is there, and everything is in order. It is recommended you stay at your computer while uploading to see all goes as expected. You are only allowed one upload option, so be smart and confirm what you are uploading is your final draft copy. You are required to complete a self-evaluation report on this presentation. Please do this immediately after your upload is completed.
In the event you experience technical difficulties when uploading your speech, you must contact the Acclaim help desk BEFORE contacting your professor. More times than not, the issue is not something your instructor can fix. If they are unable to assist you, so that you meet the deadline date, you must retrieve a ticket number in order to be considered an exception and then email that case number to your professor.
Help desk : help@getacclaim.com.
Late assignments will not be accepted without merit.
Edited videos will receive a grade of zero. This includes adding visuals after recording.
Check list for this assignment:
60 seconds exactly- upload to your private folder on Acclaim
Visual Aid for enhancement (if applicable)
Self Evaluation- upload to your private folder on Acclaim


Attention material: (grab the audience’s attention; DO NOT START WITH YOUR NAME)
As you have only 60 seconds, you should introduce yourself, your audience and your goal within the first 15 seconds, including your attention gaining device.
Thesis: Ex. Today, I want to tell you about Houston Pets Alive.
Credibility statement: I am credible to speak on the subject because I’ve volunteered with the organization for two years.
Preview: Ex.: Today I will be discussing Pets Alive’s (mission), (outreach), and (how you can volunteer).

TRANSITION: Ex.: First let’s begin with discussing (main point 1: mission).

Thesis statement for (main point 1)
Support for (main point 1)

TRANSITION: Ex.: Now that I’ve covered (main point 1), let’s discuss (main point 2: outreach).

Thesis statement for (main point 2)
Support for (main point 2)

TRANSITION: Ex.: And finally, now that I’ve covered (main point 2), let’s discuss (main point 3: volunteering).

Thesis statement for (main point 3)
Support for (main point 3)

TRANSITION: Ex.: Now that we’ve discussed (main point 3), let’s wrap up.

Summary statement: Ex.: Today we discussed Pets Alive’s (mission), (outreach), and (how you can volunteer).
Concluding remarks: (connect back to attention material; make sure your closing statement is strong)

*If you find you have time for only two main points, that’s OK.*


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