Employment Relations Report
• Unit Cover Sheet, specific for this assessment.
• Assessment Instructions as list above.
• You are requested to write a report about “Employment Relations”. Make sure that the
report follows the below structure:
a. Introduction: make sure to provide a definition for employment relations and the
different management styles followed in managerial relations. It is recommended to
present some examples.
b. Body: Make sure to answer the following questions in details and elaboration (from your
designated textbook and your own research). Use Harvard Referencing Style to reference
your findings
i. Analyze the contested nature of the employment relationship?
ii. What is the difference between a conflict of right and a conflict of interest?
iii. What are the different sources of conflict in employment relations?
iv. How might a level of power impact on expressions of conflict?
v. Explain strategies to resolve conflict in employment relations and which one is the
most important one?
vi. Analyze the importance of procedures for the employment relationship.
1. What are procedures in Employment Relations?
2. Why it is necessary to have procedures in Employment Relations from
legal perspective?
3. Why is natural justice important in the workplace?
4. Explain how informational and procedural justice can be related in
forming procedures for employee relations and provide examples.
5. State some potential issues could arise from the absence of procedures.
vii. Explain exchange theory and state its relation to the concept of employee
c. Conclusion
Format for Submission
Kindly make sure to use “Times New Roman” as the font type and the font size as 11single spacing. Make sure
to reference all your findings following the “Harvard Referencing Style”. Word count 2000-2500 w

Employment Relations