This project will give you the opportunity to apply the key principles, practices, and concepts to examine health and well-being in a California county of your choice. Counties must be approved by the course instructor. This project will use the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) County Health Rankings Model as a theoretical foundation. This project is designed to be completed in a small group but you may complete this project individually if you prefer.

This project includes 3 components:

Using the definition of population health and public health from the course text, students will describe the general population characteristics of the residents of a California County, their health status, and identify the most critical public health problems.
Using the definition of health factors from the RWJF County Health Rankings website, students will identify and describe the health factors that may be contributing to the public health problems they identify in component 1.
Based on the findings from components 1 and 2, students will use a variety of appropriate sources, to propose public health solutions or actions that could be taken by your County’s Public Health Department to address the public health problems.
At a minimum, students will be expected to use the following resources to complete this assignment:

US Census
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings
Other local county resources (look at the county health department, county government, and other county resources)
The paper will follow the following timeline:

2/17/2021 – County Selection & Group Finalization due
4/21/2021 – Project Draft Due
5/17/2021 – Final Paper due

Each group will be expected to submit a 7-page paper. It must be a Word or Text document, submitted via the assignment link on Canvas. No other formats will be graded. The seven-page final paper should be in 11 or 12 pt standard font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins on numbered pages and include the following sections:

Public Health project /AN