Task: Provide your analysis of a digital campaign for an entertainment property of your choice.

Guidelines: Identify an entertainment property (movie, TV show, music artist, or venue) and explore how they utilize digital media for promotion and audience engagement.

What social media tools do they use? How do they encourage/incent the audience to help spread the buzz?
What kind of special content have they created. Apps, games, contests?
How many different channels are they using for the campaign? (digital ads, email, SMS) How are they integrating or cross-promoting their message across platforms?
Are there any sponsors or partnerships included? How do these support or enhance the campaign?
Write 2 – 3 pages (not including visuals/ images) to summarize the campaign and share whether you think it is effective. Include any relevant links. What, if anything would you recommend they add or do to improve the campaign and maximize their digital assets?

Entertainment Marketing