Dear writers, please complete 3 pages (1,5 for each part).

Answer one question from Part A and one question from Part B. Try to keep the length of each part about the same (2 pages for Part A and 2 pages for Part B). If there is information that cannot be found through using the sources, use external sources, it’s cool. Anyways, thank you and good luck!

Part A:

1. If there are significant economies of scale in a market, what strategies might smaller green firms adopt to remain competitive? Pick a market as an example.

2. How has product differentiation and advertising adopted by corporations increased environmental pressures and un-sustainability?

3. Why is there such a gap between the invention of green technologies and the innovation of those green technologies?

4. Can firms effectively self-regulate in relation to sustainability? Discuss, citing examples of
what has happened in the past where this has been tried.

Part B:

1. What is there about the organizational structure of different economic systems – feudalism,
slavery, capitalism, slavery – which brings differing environmental consequences? Or,
thinking of this in another way, what are the conceptions of sustainability associated with the
logic of different economic systems?

2. What is the relationship between the state and corporations in modern capitalist societies and
how has that relationship affected health care during the pandemic?

3. What markets in the US economy – because of economies of scale barriers to entry, and other
factors – are so highly concentrated that smaller, more environmentally-conscious firms can’t
enter and remain competitive? Can anything be done to overcome this?

4. Evaluate the documentary “The Corporation” from the standpoint of environmental economics. Is the problem what some corporations do, what all corporations do, or what capitalism does regardless of whether it is done by corporations or other kinds of firms or economic agents?

Environmental Economics Examination /AN